Talking to Jen Dziura About When to Quit Your Job

I think it’s really important to take a step back here and say: you need to always be thinking about your career separate from your job.

A Tale of Two Quittings

My boyfriend and I quit our jobs for a 1982 Volkswagen camper van with a pop-up roof. No one quits without a reason. Maybe you’re more engaged picking blueberry muffin crumbs from between the keys of your keyboard than doing your actual job. Maybe your boss makes you feel like a eunuch. Everyone has their reasons, and ours was the van.

A Year Without the Internet

Paul Miller had a quarter life crisis and decided to quit his job and unplug himself from the internet for a year. Better for him—The Verge paid him to leave the internet and then write about it. His conclusion is what you might expect it to be.