Always a Bridesmaid, Never a Bride (On Purpose)

When I was a kid, I would say that I never planned on getting married. My mother would laugh and tell me that I would change my mind, but now, after 30 years, I think she finally believes me.

The $500 Wedding: An Assessment

I’ve been married twice, once for three years and the other for five and counting. I spent less than $500 on each wedding, mostly on food. To each, I invited fewer than 20 people. I managed to keep wedding presents down to a useless picnic basket, four soup spoons, and a bottle of wine. I still haven’t been on a honeymoon.

Family Weddings and My Own Ideal

When my parents got married in the 1970s, they had what my mother grudgingly conceded, decades later, was a “big wedding.” At the wedding dinner, there were 100 tables for a thousand guests in all—500 on my mum’s side, and 500 on my dad’s.