What I’ve Spent to Move Into a New Apartment

Here’s what it costs one woman to move.

Money Spent This Weekend

• I withdrew $40 in cash to head to a bar in West Village to meet some friends. I prefer using cash at bars, instead of using my card and opening a tab because I can control my spending better that way. When you open a tab, you’re more likely to just order a bunch of drinks and appetizers without thinking about how much you’re actually spending, and before you know it, you’re closing your tab and sign on the dotted line for $100, including tip. So: Cash is king

What I’ve Spent Since I Got My Keys Back From My Ex-Boyfriend

I didn’t realize that getting the keys to my apartment back from the guy who told me he was moving to Germany, then broke up with me, would be more painful than, well, that. It was. Herewith, the damage I’ve done in the week since.

What I’ve Spent Since My Boyfriend Told Me He Was Moving to Germany, Then Broke Up With Me