More Than 88,000 People Apply for 55 Affordable Apartments in “Poor Door” Building

Each potential applicant has an approximate 0.06 percent chance of getting one of these affordable apartments.

The Hunt: In Manhattan, Creative Types from Galaxy UDFj-39546284 Find a Home

The asking price for the island was $4 billion, with monthly charges of around $3 million. The couple made a low offer, and were thrilled be accepted. “It’s a buyer’s market right now,” said Ms. Miller, “and the current tenants were really motivated to avoid provoking a stressful protracted intergalactic war.”

The Cost of Ghost Towns in Connecticut and Detroit

Also, a casino baron named Herb bought a package of 6,000 Detroit foreclosures for 3.2 million dollars, which is the cost of FOUR abandoned CT towns. Maybe it’s just because his name is Herb, but he sounds kind of nice:

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Welcome to NYC! Please Enter Through the Poor Door.

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