On Dan Price

Today, Bloomberg Business published a story indicating that Gravity Payments CEO Dan Price may have physically abused his ex-wife prior to their divorce.

Updates on the Startup Castle, Warby Parker, and More

I got my glasses, the Startup Castle got evicted, and other updates on recent stories.

Updates on ‘The Briefcase,’ Warby Parker, and More

CBS’s The Briefcase premiered, and the first two families both decided to give all the money to the other family. That is to say, each family independently decided to give $100,000 to another family without knowing that family was about to make the same gift to them.

Welcome to Our Newly Redesigned Website!

Oh, hey! We have a new website!

Updates on Jay Z, Gwyneth Paltrow, Starbucks, and Legal Weed

Gwyneth Paltrow did not complete her SNAP Challenge, Jay Z is calling Tidal users, and more.

‘Doing Money’ Wants to Talk to You

Logan, Where Have You Been?

Mike:: Logan! So enquiring minds would like to know how you are doing and what you’ve been up to.

Introducing, Ester

Some news!

Updates: Medical Bill Solved + Two Vacuums

From the reader dealing with a medical bill issue

Elderly Patrons Allowed to Stay at McDonald’s Except During Lunch

Basically, the group is free to meet and stay to socialize as long as they want, but not during the busy lunch hours.