Checking In With Summer Expenses

At the beginning of the summer, I estimated that I’d spend $3,270 on travel and “summer adventures,” and I am not quite halfway there.

Is Disney Still an Affordable Vacation?

It’s not that Disney at its base level is unaffordable to the middle class—although I am well aware that $400 for a family of four is right on the edge of “affordable”—it’s that there’s so much extra stuff that you feel like you’re missing out.

Flying South For A Week: The Canadian Dream

Flying down south for a week per year to an all-inclusive resort is the Canadian dream in a nutshell.

Estimating My Summer Costs

It’s time to figure out exactly what my summer is going to cost.

Has Your Summer Closed Up Yet?

At this point, I have plans for seven of the twelve weekends between now and Labor Day.

What Makes a Vacation?

Since it’s Travel and Vacation Month here at The Billfold, I’d like to ask all of you: what makes a vacation? It’s something I’m thinking about this summer, as I try to figure out whether I’m going to take a vacation or whether the travel I already have planned “counts” as vacation.