On Trying To Give Up Candy For My Kids

I love treats. A brownie and Diet Coke are my ideal breakfast, though a chocolate glazed old fashioned donut works too.

Cheap, Yet Doubling Down On A Gambling Habit

I am cheap when it comes to the day-to-day. But once or twice a year, I think nothing of dropping several hundred dollars in a weekend playing cards. Of course I’d rather win, but I definitely budget to lose.

The Library Gets Me Every Time

What starts as a free pile of books ends up being a $15.50 pile of books and counting.

Where The Lost Books Are: Confessions Of A Compulsive Buyer

I know the guilt of bringing bags of books to the Strand selling counter which have never had their spines cracked, and which I sell back to the very place I bought them from without so much as a single dog-ear or coffee stain. I have whispered “I’m so sorry” and then traded my refund in for another set of books that would meet a similar fate.

When Sephora Calls You A “VIP,” You Might Have A Problem

I will gladly, any day of the week, spend 30 minutes in the aisles of a drugstore, sneakily opening shampoo bottles to get a whiff, trying to wipe the shampoo off my face after I’ve inadvertently snorted some onto my nose.

I’ve Spent ~$15K On Trapeze And I Regret Nothing

My financial vice is that I spend more on circus lessons each month than I do on rent.

My Spending Vice Is Candy

Somehow, once I crossed into adulthood and found myself in charge of feeding and funding myself, my love of candy started coming to light.

Too Much Diet Coke Pt. II

I’m not one to shame people for their soda-drinking or smoking habits, but, yikes.

Too Much Diet Coke

Mario Bustillos, who is everyone’s pal (I met her last week, she is lovely!), reviews Tom Bissell’s collection of essays, Magic Hours, in the newly launched Los Angeles Review of Books and I could not stop laughing at this part.