My Big, Fat, Ultra-Budget, Courthouse-And-Backyard Wedding

There was one thing we knew for certain: we absolutely were not going to be that couple that went into extreme debt or had their parents dip into their retirement savings in order to foot the bill for one extravagant day.

The Toll It Takes To Work Weddings

I volunteered weekly in a church’s soup kitchen, serving meals to adults who slept in their cars or in the woods. That night, I scraped plate after plate of expensive seafood into black garbage bags.

Weddings In Your 20s: How To Do Registries When You Can Barely Do Phone Bills

When you first start getting invited to weddings in your early 20s, it’s nerve-wracking. People close to your young age settling down with someone for life will inevitably make you start asking long-term questions about your own future, which is at best unwelcome and at worst terrifying.

Lies, Damned Lies, And Wedding Cost Statistics

Quick, tell me: how much does the average wedding in the United States cost? $25,000? $30,000?

Working Weddings: Being A Server At Someone Else’s Special Day

We began the serious work of folding napkins into fans, polishing the silverware, setting the tables, looking for a lighter, discussing who might have a lighter, checking the smoking hut for someone with a lighter, and lighting the candles.

Saving Money By Getting Married In Iceland: A Public Radio Producer’s Story

We ended up getting married late at night because the officiant couldn’t get there any earlier — but that turned out to be perfect because it cut down on lingering tourists.

Reader, I Eloped With Him

It was lunchtime. We finally said, “Eff it,” and went to Ruby Tuesday. I think his mom paid.

I Have No Idea How Much My Wedding Cost (And I Helped Pay)

My parents were never good with money. What they taught me about finances, they taught me by showing me what not to do. So it was no surprise that my parents didn’t have anything saved for my wedding.

The Cost Of Things: Engagement Photos

Romance is fine and good but how much money are we talking about?

Finding Out If Your Mom Plans To Pay For Your Wedding

It was time to have the talk — the one where I found out if my mom had any money set aside for our weddings and what implications that might have on planning a wedding in the future.