Five Years After the Crisis

Bloomberg Businessweek has published it’s big multimedia package on the fifth anniversary of the financial crisis, and it leads with Hank Paulson who left Goldman Sachs in 2006 to become Treasury Secretary and had a rough time dealing with the financial crisis and pushed through the big bailout bill that so many critics deemed as ineffective and wasteful. HANK, a documentary about Paulson by the magazine and filmmaker Joe Berlinger will be released on Netflix on Sept. 16, and the print edition as Paulson in his own words, which can be summed up thusly: “So today it’s worse.” Thanks Hank!

A Developer Looks in a Mirror

In Aeon, a developer reflects on the value of what he does. (Thanks to Katherine, Jon, and The Awl for the pointers, and putting this on our weekend reading list!)

Today in Terrible Job Ideas

Robbing banks for someone who says he’s a CIA officer.

NYT Mag’s Money Issue

This week’s issue of The New York Times Magazine is all about money. And I’m into it!

The Crisis Abroad

I’m really enjoying the cover of Bloomberg Businessweek today. It seems like most people are too fixated on the economic crisis at home to give more than a few glances at the headlines pointing to the economic crises happening abroad.