What Pan Handlers and Buskers Earn

WBEZ in Chicago interviewed a panhandler, a street musician and a magician how much they’re able earn in a single day. The answer: Anywhere from $60-$100 a day, but also $0 depending on a lot of variables like the weather, police, and days when people aren’t interested in giving.

What One Novelist Earns

The Stranger talked to author Jonathan Evison about how much he earns as a novelist.

Indie Rock Economics

Despite all this, the band members are having a difficult time earning a middle-income living, according to this week’s cover story in New York magazine.

An Artist’s Earnings

Dorothy, the artist behind Cat and Girl, has been tracking how much she’s been earning and tallying her dollars on beautiful charts.

What Our Adjuncts Earn

Last week, I wrote a post about what professors typically earn at 1,251 colleges across the country, and a few of you who work as adjunct professors noted that your pay is pretty awful in comparison.

What Our Professors Earned

I love this table provided by the Chronicle of Higher Education listing the average salaries of professors and instructors at 1,251 colleges across the U.S.