What Would You Do With a $4,185 Windfall?

The Cards Against Humanity team raised $71,145 from 11,248 people on Black Friday and split it among themselves. And then they each spent $4,185.

8 Ways I Might Spend a Modest Windfall, In Order of Fiscal Prudence

This windfall, along with the fact that my fixed expenses are relatively low, will allow me to make this boring dream into a boring reality.

A Non-Grouchy Oscar Update!

LADY ON THE PHONE: Is this Ester?

ME: Yes? Subtext: Unless you have anything stressful to tell me.

$1.4 Million in Assets, a Million in Debt

I usually enjoy reading the money makeover column in the Los Angeles Times, which runs every two months or so (and, coincidentally, was once written by Helaine Olen in the ’90s). The latest installment focuses on Ross and Michelle Meador, a couple who lives in Fullertorn with their three children and have $1.4 million in assets including a house in Berkeley that they rent out, but a million dollars in debt, including student loans, a mortgage, a HELOC (home equity line of credit—basically borrowing against your house), and mortgage debt.

Making Money From a Kick in the Head

Brb, walking around recording videos of myself until something interesting happens.

A Windfall

What I Did With My $35,000 Windfall

I was living paycheck to paycheck when I got an unexpected windfall.