Worldwide Gender Gap More Like A Yawning Abyss

The Guardian reports that tackling gender inequality in the developing world would generate an immense amount of wealth — $12 trillion, in fact.

You’ve Come A Long Way, Baby, At Least Until You Turn 30

Some good news on the pay equity front: ladies now command higher salaries than dudes, on average, at least in their twenties and at least in jolly old England.

How Female CEOs Are Like Shark Attacks

“There are so few women CEOs that if you do a Google image search for ‘CEO,’ the first woman to pop up is CEO Barbie.”

Five Women

After doing the quintessential work of babysitting and accompanying choir soloists at auditions, Cheryl is my first real boss at my first real job—obnoxious state taxes, name tag, and all. The first weeks I am deferential and easily spooked by weekend rushes, realizing that I will always be battling to show up on time in the mornings.

Women Choosing Lucrative Majors Often Don’t Choose Lucrative Jobs

Planet Money’s Lisa Chow talked to an economist who has been looking at how majoring in certain fields affects the incomes of graduates, and she discovered that women like herself who study what are supposed to be high-reward majors (in the monetary sense) often take lower-paying jobs after they graduate. Chow says she loves her job and that matters so much more than money. Of course, people don’t decide to study early childhood education or social work and think about the big bucks they’re going to make—it’s not always about that, which is why charts showing the highest paid majors aren’t always that helpful (oh, engineers make a lot of money, and studio art majors don’t? SURPRISE).

A Thing About Mothers and Working That Won’t Make You Scream

How to Hire Women

Weddings! Babies! PATRIARCHY!

A link to a thing you should read and maybe a joke.