Swedish Company Drops Workdays By 25 Percent, Profits Rise 25 Percent

It’s interesting how the two numbers match; cut the workday by 25 percent, see profits rise by 25 percent.

It Is Not Enough to Be a Team Player; You Have to Be an Exceptional Team Player, All the Time

This works best if you are able to work as hard as an exceptional team member needs to work, all the time. Sometimes you don’t want to deal with nightlife; you just want to stay home and (you guessed it) watch Netflix.

Jobs Are Things You Pick Up Between Layoffs

You should be planning for your next layoff—or, if you’re a freelancer, the next email that begins “after much consideration, we’re closing our publication”—from the minute you get hired.

Living at the Office Is a Thing Now

Want to hack your life? Save time and money by sleeping at the office.

On Being a “Workaholic” When You Need the Money

I come across, both online and in person, as a cheery do-bee who just loves working. And yes, I get the question about work all the time. “How do you do it?” “How do you do so much of it?”

And I want to say, full stop: Because I need the money.

You know, to live.

Shows, and More Stories of 24-hour Daycare

I am sadly not surprised that childcare workers get paid less than people who care for animals. We constantly devalue the work of caring for and raising children.

Eating Thanksgiving Dinner in a 30-minute Meal Break at Kmart Is…

Workers at many Kmarts are forbidden from asking for time off—or, in fact, from calling in sick—over the Thanksgiving holiday.

How People Who Are Also in Musicals Do Work

I’m still unreasonably unnerved at the thought of being secretly “off work” for 42 hours.

American Workers Want to Know When Their Workday Ends

When will you send your last work email? Right after dinner? Right before bed? You probably don’t know, or if you do know it’s in the context of “well, I always check my email right before turning off the lights.”

24-Hour Daycares Accommodate the “Forever Clock”

The daycare profiled in this Pacific Standard piece is just one of the numerous 24-hour daycare options; in this case, a warm and welcoming space where children sleep on “thin mattresses laid over yoga mats” every night; where parents are welcome to drop off and pick up their children at any time except between 3 a.m. and 6 a.m., during which the daycare owners and the children all get a few hours of uninterrupted sleep.