Tell Jeb Bush How Many Hours You Already Work

Maybe Jeb would find it really helpful if everyone wrote their name, their age, and how many hours they work a week on a postcard and mailed it to his campaign headquarters.

Beth Lisick On “Maybe This is My Thing!”

So this month’s Emily Books pick is a book of short, hilarious essays by Beth Lisick called Yokohama Threeway. Beth has written four books, hosts a monthly storytelling series, is currently on our with Sister Spit, does comedy with Tara Jepsen, is an actress, a slam poet, a mom. So when I gotto interview her for Emily Books, a lot of our discussion ended up being about work, success, failure, and trying to get by. I love what she had to say about all of it:

My Boss Googled Me

This morning I was in a meeting where my boss projects his laptop on a screen and discusses stuff with the team. At one point he switched to a browser to show us something on the web. There was text in his Google search bar: My name. Why?

A+ Insight About Work and Other Things Also from Mike White