WWYD x2: When To Bargain; An Uber Driver’s Special Request

What to do when an Uber driver asks you to hang around.

The Conclusion Of The Small Business Saga

You all had some pretty dire suggestions as to the reason that the cobbler kept my boots for three months, putting me off every time I asked after them. “He doesn’t have them,” seemed to be the popular conclusion.

When A Small Business You Like Lets You Down

I brought in the boots in early July. Now it’s late September.

A WWYD? Update From The Millennial Whose Parents Want Her Hard-Earned Savings

“if they still need the money, I think what I’ve decided is to give them what I can, not most of what I’ve got.”

WWYD: My Parents Want My Hard-Earned Savings!

“Last week my dad approached me and said he and my mom want to retire to Florida and are looking at houses. They’re hoping my brother and I can each chip in $5,000 for the down payment.”

WWYD Link Roundup!

WWYD: Porn Star BF Asks Porn Star GF to Quit Work Because Love

We are all worse at managing our own romantic lives — and occasionally our professional choices — than Miley Cyrus is at getting dressed.

Saying “No I Can’t” Because of Money

WWYD: Should I Be Upset Because a New Hire is Getting Paid the Same Salary as Me?

Am I wrong to be incredibly irate about this? It’s hard to know what others in my position earn as the job is in a very niche industry and its tough to get an accurate range. I’ve already started looking for a new job, but not sure how to square all this so I can still get my job done and not just throw my hands up and completely check out mentally.

The Ethics of Taking Free Stuff

It’s not the best use of philanthropic funds to give people like me free books. Is it an acceptable use?