For Sale: Ghost Town in Connecticut; Haunted Gold Mine in Arizona

“The ghost town is back on the market for $2.4 million because the deal fell through because the buyer disappeared.” Uh. Disappeared?

“If You Don’t Have Tchotchkes, I Don’t Trust You”: Celebrity Real Estate Wisdom

House-Hunters International, Billfold Edition: Six Stages of Grief, & An Intermission

When house-hunting, the system makes you its bitch. You can’t hack this. You just have to put everything else on hold and do what they damn well tell you to do. Keep your eyes on the East London prize.

A Plot of Land of One’s Own

Bus shelters, horse boxes, reservoir tanks – I look and think, Yes. I could live in that.

House Hunters Int’l, Billfold Edition: A Mortgage With A View

Once we take on a mortgage, my expectation is that it will eat up every penny we ever make until the day we die.

House Hunters International, Billfold Edition: East London, Vol 1

We want to buy in a “cool” area of one of the most expensive cities in the world. The latter fact has affected our ability to save. Plus, we’re both freelancers and banks really seem to hate that.

Good Enough Homes & Destinations: What You Get For $290,000

There’s so much history here, we might as well be in Europe: this is the Johannes Masten House and it dates back to 1668 (!!).

A Little House of My Own

A home for the homeless.