The Tempestuous Relationships Between Millennials And Their Employers

Your tolerance for the following open letter, which appeared in Forbes, explaining why Millennials keep quitting their jobs, will depend a lot on a) how you feel about open letters, and b) how you feel about Millennials who play to type.

Is It The Food Network’s Fault That There’s No One To Cook You Dinner?

Cooks are disappearing from our nation’s kitchens! Can we blame the Food Network?

“I Would Prefer Not To”: A Friday Chat About Jobs

The thing I worry about, for this person—and I know that I am overreaching my boundaries by worrying about something on someone else’s behalf, but whatever—is the part where they compare the work day to a storm cloud that’s ruining their picnic. Um … freelance writing is work.

This Week In Millennials: Everyone Hates Us But What If We’re Secretly Great

Poverty is pathologized, but empathy helps. What if our social media obsessions make us better at empathy?

When Down Payments Grow On Family Trees

If young adults held out until we ourselves could afford down payments as well as closing costs, fees, and mortgage payments, far fewer of us would buy property. But let’s not pretend the system is fair.

Lay Off Millennials OK? We’re Saving As Fast As We Can

“Most millennials are saving SOMETHING.”

An Interview With Someone Who Got Fired for Not Having a ‘Hunger for Marketing’

Not long ago, a friend told me he’d been fired from a West Coast marketing internship for not having a “hunger for marketing.” I asked him what that could possibly mean, which turned into a far longer story about post-graduate floundering, awful-seeming marketing software, and the perils (or subtle benefits) of showing one’s utter lack of enthusiasm in the workplace.