My Big, Fat, Ultra-Budget, Courthouse-And-Backyard Wedding

There was one thing we knew for certain: we absolutely were not going to be that couple that went into extreme debt or had their parents dip into their retirement savings in order to foot the bill for one extravagant day.

It’s Engagement Season! Does Your Ring Come At A Heinous Cost?

Uninterested in narrative? More of a #STEM major? Get a diamond grown in a lab!

The Cost of Things: Eloping in England

Flowers: We forgot to buy any, but the coffee shop we stopped in before the ceremony had little jars of yellow roses on the tables. We asked if we could take one, just for an hour or so, and brought them back after they’d done their part.

5 Ways the Wedding Industry Is Plotting to Destroy Us

Take it slow, because whatever numbers you and your fiance have come up with will be quickly obliterated.

On “Marrying Down”

A Practical Wedding has a post by a woman named Rachel who talks about dealing with a thing you wouldn’t think was a thing anymore except of course it is for some people: being a woman and marrying someone who is less educated than you, and/or makes a lot less money.

Buying a Wedding Dress When You Hate Yourself And Love Money

A Practical Wedding (a great site full of smart, feminist women, and not just about weddings) has a guide to wedding dress shopping up today that is reasonable and informative. It talks about how much dresses actually cost and how to not to lose your mind while finding one.