How Not To Do Couchsurfing

ā€˜Iā€™m downsizing my life and giving up all my possessions to focus on experiences and friendships.ā€™

A Friendly Conversation with a Banker

Banker: I’m 28 and am a vice president at a large global bank where I’m currently earning about $250,000 a year. I grew up in the South, went to public school, then a private college. I got an internship on Wall Street, and then a full-time job.

A Friendly Chat With a Rich Person (Household Income: $360,000)

Rich Person: His bonus in 2012 was $85,000, and this year it will be $100,000. And the big, big change is that his base salary went from $65,000 last year to $160,000 this year.

A Friendly Chat With a Rich Person

How do you do money, Rich Person?