It’s the Season of Giving (Back)

Last night, I attended a fundraiser to raise money for a children’s literacy program that was organized by a friend. It’s the season of charitible giving, and there are a ton of these kinds events and programs going on.

Shipping Care Packages to Soldiers During the Holidays

In 2003, Julieann Najar’s son Dennis was deployed to Iraq, and when she went to Fort Riley, Kansas to say goodbye to him, she met another young man who didn’t have any family there to see him off. She asked the young man if she could “adopt” him and send him care packages while he was away, and soon “adopted” more soldiers under her wing. And so began A Soldier’s Wish List, a non-profit organization based out of Najar’s hometown of Granite City, Ill. that sends care packages to troops serving in combat zones.