Want to Get an Academic Job? Maybe You Need to Hire an Application Consultant

Kelsky’s rates page indicates that, in general, she charges $150 an hour—unless you’re asking for help on your tenure review, in which case the per-hour price jumps up to $250.

Undercompensated in Academia

I grew up in an academic household, and academia was a goal of mine from an early age. Both my parents are musicians teaching in academia, and while I also loved to perform, I had decided in college that I would probably follow in my parents’ footsteps and pursue teaching on a university level.

Starting A New Job Right

Day 1, I had to convince my principal to act like an adult and show me around.

University President a One-Man Wealth Redistributor

wage in Kentucky, which is $7.25 an hour.

Burse says he worked several minimum wage jobs growing up, but now he makes (made?) $350,000 a year, so it’s a small thing he could afford to do. Apparently when he took it to the board they were “shocked” which is funny because in some respects isn’t this the most reasonable thing in the world?

From the Other Side of the Tracks to the Tenure Track: Chatting with a Humanities Prof

My family has been the key reason I’ve always been able to push myself forward. They always tell me how proud they are of me, the way I stand up for myself, resist what people try to convince black girls they should believe about themselves

The Rental History Of An Academic Nomad

This fall marked the first time since 1999 that I’ve lived in the same dwelling for more than a year. That’s ridiculous, but it’s not because I have some unquenchable wanderlust. I’m just an academic, and we go where we’re told (or accepted).

The Downsides of Loving Your Job

A week ago we talked about young people centering their identities around their work less and less, but a few insightful readers commented about fields of work where the trend is the opposite: you have great passion for your work, it’s a part of who you are, and it bleeds into your life. This is on one hand what many people go their whole lives wanting and never find — work you love, that you’re passionate about, that you can’t stop thinking about! On the other hand, your very passion can prevent you from recognizing unfair situations, or asking for better pay, or having a life outside of work.

Stand By Your Adjunct Professors

Aaron Barlow the executive editor of Academe Magazine, and an English professor at New York City College of Technology, wrote a blog post encouraging tenured faculty members to consider their adjunct professors as equals instead of “others,” and then to stand with them to “help make their work situations livable and financially viable.” Sounds reasonable!

The Briny Business of Academia

Academic Careers and the Baby Penalty

In The Chronicle of Higher Education, Berkeley professor Mary Ann Mason discusses why so many women don’t make it to the “top of the Ivory Tower as tenured professors, deans, and presidents,” and points to research showing how having babies penalizes women in academia.