Rambling Man: On Fulbrights And In-Fights

“My spouse was recently awarded a Fulbright grant. I am so proud of him. He worked hard and in solitary conditions to obtain this award.” BUT …

On Productivity Anxiety

I no longer tacitly accept sleep as a biological imperative. It has become an earned indulgence, something I only deserve when I have labored according to cartoonish standards of diligence.

When An Adjunct Gets An Unlucky Break

I usually teach three courses per semester, three credits each. $633 per credit, which comes out to $5700 for a four month term. I am not the primary money person in our family, thank goodness. But the money I earn takes care of all the non-essentials of life: piano lessons, trips, new tires.

On Job Hunting While Married

The Three Ways I Got Schooled: As a Student, a Teacher, and a Person Trying to Pay Rent

A solid command of English and better-than-average rhetorical fluency has to count for something, right? Maybe it does, but certainly not as much as you’re taught in school—and certainly not in a down economy.

Teaching Not Romantic, Lucrative, Even in Hallowed Halls of Universities

Dump your professorial dreams.