What Happened After Two Friends Went on a Trip Together

An update to: “Two Friends Discuss Planning and Budgeting for a Trip Abroad Together”

Silicon Valley Ladies Are Doing It For Themselves

Do you know what “venture capital” is? I do now, but once I did not, and I met a venture capitalist at a party, and she was like, “What do you do?” and I was like, “I work at a start up” (about which more here) and she was like, “Oh, great! I’m in VC!” and I had to nod and laugh and pretend I knew what she was talking about because I am scared to look stupid, lest someone force me to take the SATs again.*

Betting on Love, Leveling Up and Leaving Atlanta (Part II)

Last month, Adam and I embarked on a journey to save up $10,000 by the time our lease ends next May so we can finally fulfill our longstanding dream of moving away from Atlanta.

Betting on Love, Leveling Up and Leaving Atlanta

When Adam and I began dating two years ago, we were each already planning to leave Atlanta. I wanted to teach English abroad after I graduated, and he wanted to move back to New York City, where he’d lived for a handful of years in his early twenties. After a summer of dating, late in August, he asked me to change my plans.