How We Handle Change: A Friday Chat

Before starting any endeavor, I get very worked up about everything that could go wrong and everything I could do wrong, and then I try to remember the advice my older brother gave me when I was about to start my very first grown-up job: “Wear deodorant.”

Rambling Man: Two Satisfied Customers Check Back In

“I ended up with two interviews for the day in question, both for the dream job in different offices.”

Rambling Man: I Love Him But He’s A Pothead With No Savings

“Am I a morally vacant asshole for professing adoration while simultaneously keeping my eyes peeled for a candidate with some actual savings and a less serious chemical dependency?”

The New Financial Blog That Is

Maybe you didn’t notice, but Cracked has become a pretty astute place to get advice and commentary about money.

How To Buy Your Lover Flowers

If you are committed to going through with this purchase, do it right.

The Rambling Man: Advice on Trying to Make a Living and Doing the Best You Can

I realized the world was full of marginally important questions — many of them tangentially related to money and finance — just crying out for breathless, curmudgeonly answers.

“Everyone Needs Multiple Ways To Earn Money”

Even in America, not everything can or should be about profit.

Interview With Dina Gachman, Author Of ‘BROKENOMICS’

Being broke isn’t always hilarious, obviously, often it’s terrifying, but I do think you have to step back and try and gain some sort of perspective about the things you’re experiencing, and knowing when to laugh is crucial.

“Say Yes First, Figure It Out Later”: Top 10 Pieces Of Advice From Entrepreneurs

“Eliminate the word “just” from your vocabulary—as in “Just checking on this!” You’ll immediately feel more confident.”

Dreams Of My Father’s Advice

If you’re unsure whether to put coins in the meter, put coins in the meter.