Friday Chatting About Planes, Which Are Miracles, and Airlines, Which Are The Worst

“I dress warmly for planes. I’ve done that ever since the horrific nighttime American Airlines flight I took once where they pumped the AC until it was about 55 degrees in there and then told passengers we were free to pay for blankets.”

Why Is Air Travel so Expensive? Because of Institutional Investors

I never knew that a mutual fund was a company (I thought it was a collection of stocks and other investments presented in a package to provide growth and moderate risk to a personal investor). I never knew a mutual fund could invest in an airline.

Budget Travel: When Anxiety Clashes With Frugality

I often have a hard time rectifying my anxiety with my frugality.

Have a Terrible Time Traveling? Good! You’re Supposed To

When Life Sends You To Grenada, Make Grenadine!

My Last Hundred Bucks, Spent Mostly at the Airport

Where’d your last hundo go, Kelly Maxwell?