The Cost of Incarceration

Free public defenders aren’t actually free. Some municipalities require people to pay $50-200 in “public defender application fees,” and that’s just the beginning.

“Our Laws Weren’t Written With This Economy in Mind”: Susie Cagle on the Gig Economy

Two days ago we looked at the decoupling of productivity and wages, courtesy of Hank and John Green.
Now, journalist and artist Susie Cagle helps us look at another decoupling: one of employers and employees.

Working And The “Real Girl”

Just a few months after everything was seemingly “coming up Kim,” I was sitting on a park bench at Lincoln Center, eating a bag of candy alone and coming to the realization that I would soon be unemployed.

Slut-Shaming Is About Class, Not Sex

How Long Should Paternity Leave Be?

When Theodore Ross’s son was born, he received two weeks of paternity leave. Was it enough? In an editorial for Al Jazeera America, Ross says no.

The Culture of Overwork on Wall Street And in Silicon Valley

The Oldest Paperboy in America

Frank Wheeler was born just after World War I, served during World War II, and at 95 is the oldest paperboy in America. He has no patience for young people.

We Are Bad at Choosing Password Hints

Al Jazeera America has an article called “123456, your mom and other things that shouldn’t be your password,” which is pretty self-explanatory: It seems as if a lot of people are not very good at choosing passwords, or even when they are, they sometimes make the mistake of making the password hint too easy to identify.