Room Service, Y/N: A Friday Chat

The hot breakfast will cost you $15, max, more than your raisin bread and coffee. They do not mind if you spend an extra $15. They don’t even notice.

Boondocking In Alaska

We negotiated a price of $400 + tax per week for a camper van, and started researching boondocking, also known as “sleeping in your car.”

Voters Decide They Want Higher Minimum Wages

This morning, after the election, much will be discussed about how Republicans have won enough seats to take over the senate.

The Cost of Texting and Driving

Texting while driving is the leading cause of death among teenagers, which is why 46 states have banned texting while driving and have imposed penalties on drivers who break the law. In California, the maximum penalty for a first-time offender is $20, which may not be so much of a deterrent for drivers there. In Alaska, the penalty is $10,000 plus a year in prison, which, wow, yes—sounds like a major incentive not to text and drive. Mother Jones has a state-by-state list of fines for texting and driving here.