Thieves Steal What They Can Sell, Like Soap and Razors

Alex Mayyasi noticed that the bars of soap at his Walgreens in San Francisco were locked up. If he wanted say, some bars of Dove soap, he had to ask an employee to unlock the case for him. Why was this? He looked at this question for his latest post at Priceonomics.

Getting Paid to Write Someone Else’s Life Story

This Pricenomics feature about the mysterious business side of ghostwriting is fascinating, and a nice complement to yesterday’s NY Mag profile of Lean In ghostwriter Nell Scovell. Read them both! Contemplate a career change!

No Discounts for Millennials

Priceonomics’s Alex Mayyasi takes a contentious stance in his post, “Why Does the Senior Citizen Discount Still Exist?” He says that the idea that senior citizens require financial help stems from high percentage of seniors who were living in poverty after the Great Depression. Federal programs like Social Security and Medicare dramatically decreased that percentage. Mayyasi now says that millennials are being screwed over by the recession and are in a vulnerable place, so maybe they should get a discount. If I made a list of things that probably would never come into existence, a discount for millennials would be on that list.