‘The Road To Character Is Often Paved With Family Money’

“The Department of Education makes it hard for you, and ugly. But it is possible to survive the life of default.”

“Sometimes all you can do is take the loan & worry about consequences later”

Be sure to use the magic words, which can make a collection agency go away.

Strikes, Walk Outs, & Other Old Answers To Today’s Higher Ed Problems

“‘In reality, many of us will never come close to paying off these debts.'”

The Punishment For Defaulting On Student Loans Is Harsher Than You Imagined

A Guide To Anthropomorphizing Your Student Loan Lender

In the six-plus years that I had been paying the piper, the adorable name Sallie Mae always felt like an insult. I longed for them to just call it Student Loan Corp. or Purgatory, Inc. or something.

Bouncing Back from Bankruptcy: Brittany Powell and the Debt Project

I’m interested in creating a platform to discuss how stigmatized debt is in our culture. It’s a publicly enforced system, but it’s typically privately experienced.

Secret Debt Threatened My Marriage

“Debt is like living in the past.” His hands now flapped their emphasis in the air. “How can we move forward into the future if you’re stuck in the past?”

WWYD: Prudie & The Ethicist Edition

2 Emmys (But Also $57K In Debt) But Also 2 Emmys