Allowance Reduced, 30-Year-Old Turns Patricidal

Perhaps it’s a good time to read that Michael Lewis piece going around about “What Wealth Does To Your Soul.”

The Gender Gap Starts at Home — With Your Allowance


Parents have different ways of providing (or not providing) their kids with an allowance: Some believe allowances should be tied to chores, while others believe that chores should be done whether or not there is an allowance because allowances are privileges that can be taken away at any given moment. I didn’t have an allowance because my parents needed every dollar they earned to pay the bills, and instead, if I needed or wanted something, we’d talk about it and my mother would determine whether or not it was something the family could afford (anything that had to do with school was generally approved).

How Having an Allowance as a Kid Governed the Way I Save Money as an Adult

My parents started giving me an allowance to teach me a lesson. They wanted me to be responsible with money; they wanted me to understand that money has value, and that having money means spending it wisely.

An Interview With an Adult With an Allowance

I get monthly deposits from investments in a family partnership.

On Easter Egg Hunts and Allowances

Logan: I just spent a long time reading Wikipedia pages about Easter and eggs and bunnies, and what I discovered was: Eggs and rabbits have been symbols of fertility and rebirth, forever, even Before Jesus, and then after Jesus, the egg also became a symbol of the tomb, though most people ignore that part. “Here, have this tomb.” Also, symbolism is great. That is what I learned today.