To Teach Or Not To Teach

“I always choose teaching again. I just love it: I really believe in what I do, unequivocally, and that can be hard to come by.”

Work Memoirs!

Jillian Capewell at Bustle has compiled a list of great, escapist career memoirs.

Spiritually Bankrupt: How I Went Broke Trying To Teach Yoga

After the completion of my 500 hours of yoga teacher training, I was entitled to sub at the yoga studio for $25 a class, minus taxes. Most of the classes were early in the morning and late at night, so I sprinted across town from dawn to dark. I stalked pregnant yoga teachers, waiting for them to go on maternity leave.

Meeting The Me That Could Have Been

It’s easy to second-guess decisions. What if I’d gone to another school? What if I moved to a different city? What if I took that other job? But I hadn’t before been in a situation where I so clearly saw the results of the choices I didn’t make.

Careers My Anxiety Disorder Has Prepared Me For

Looking at the bright side of having anxiety.