Time Banking In Ithaca, New York

Perhaps most of my time bank’s professionals, however devoted to egalitarianism in theory, still value their professional skills too highly to give them away for mere hours. And perhaps people in genuine poverty are too busy struggling to get by to participate in a time bank that may or may not help them when they need it most. This might be the most we could hope for from a hippie, progressive town that otherwise still runs overwhelmingly on dollars.

The Success of Worker-owned Businesses

In Harper’s, Erik Reece has a really great piece looking at the success of worker-owned businesses, specifically, the Evergreen Cooperatives in Cleveland, which has created environmentally sustainable jobs in low-income neighborhoods. Workers in the Evergreen Cooperatives have an equal vote when it comes to company business and also share in the profits, which encourages them to work more as a team and push their company to success.