Capitalism Vs. Family Values on Thanksgiving, The 2015 Edition

Retailers’ latest attempts to tamp down the pre-Christmas low-price consumerist hysteria and to make sure it doesn’t spill over onto Thanksgiving Day proper.

Please God Can We Stop Using Guns To Sell Things

There are guns in ads everywhere you look. Not ads for guns, per se, but ads that glamorize guns, that offer them as tempting solutions to the problem of other people.

When Colleges Open Food Banks On Campus

Soup kitchens: they’re not just for churches anymore.

This Weekend, Put The “Me” In Yosemite

We stayed in what was supposed to be a small hotel but ended up being a trailer on someone’s horse farm.

Nostalgia for a Beater Car

I had to have a car. I was working two jobs — publicity and waitressing — and the jobs were 30 minutes apart. I took the day off of work, rented a car for one day, and set out bright and early to get the job done.

The Best Restaurants In America Are Not That Expensive

At least according to Yelp, the best food in America is, generally, Food You Can Afford. And a lot of it can be found on or near the west coast.

Obamacare Winners and Losers

I Don’t Get Las Vegas

Las Vegas Boulevard, commonly known as the Strip, is a singular example of government and private industry working together to extract every last dollar from every last man, woman and child in America. The sidewalks themselves are in on the scheme.

Crowdfunding Your Life, Including Your Abortion

“Buy American”: Savvy or Sentimental?