Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Leather Shoelaces & How They Relate To Lunch

“Leather in all its forms—the aspirational $10,000 Hermès bag, the $6,000 upgrade package in a Mercedes, the $120 New Balance sneaker—is the wrapper around what will become someone else’s Big Mac.”

A Look Back at Don Draper, Class Traveler, in MAD MEN

Can a man like Don ever truly overcome his poor background, or will he always show some signs that he’s not from the same wealthy world he currently inhabits?

The Great Gatsby is Really About the Housing Crisis

The Great Gatsby got a modern upgrade last week thanks to Baz Luhrmann’s directing, Leo’s acting, Jay-Z’s soundtrack, and Prada’s costumes, but those aren’t the only reasons the film should resonate with a 2013 audience. Gatsby’s Roaring 20’s lifestyle—ull closet, extravagant parties, boats, cars, and especially his mansion—has something to teach us about an era of more recent cultural memory: the Clinton-Bush boom years and the Great Recession that followed.