The Cost Of An American Girl Doll Experience

I whispered to my husband, “Are we insane? A $115 doll? Shouldn’t she be behind glass? What if her hair gets matted?”

American Girl Doll Furniture Costs More Than Furniture For Humans

I decided to put my own furniture to the American Girl test: my Sleep Master Platform Metal Bedframe, at $98.86, is less expensive than Samantha’s Victorian bed (with canopy), Julie’s mod 1970s bed (with beaded canopy), Caroline’s 1812 wooden bed (with canopy), and Rebecca’s 1920s brass bed (surprisingly canopy free).

American Girl Dolls Are Still Expensive (But Not As Expensive As They Could Be)

Are American Girl dolls and their clothes more expensive than they were when the dolls first debuted nearly 30 years ago? (Yes, that’s right: nearly 30 years ago.)