The Cost of Moving Your Stuff (And You) Across The Country

If you’re moving several states away, you need to take a close, hard look at your stuff. Now is the time to ask yourself things like: How attached am I to my bed? To my bike? To my car?

Riding The Rails: The Sad State of America’s Trains

“American passenger rail is notoriously creaky, tardy, and slow.” And occasionally fatal.

How a Consultant in a Long-distance Relationship Does Money

“I live at home, which allows me to save some pretty substantial money, but I also have a long-distance boyfriend, so that depletes some of that.”

The Controversy Around the #AmtrakResidency

How to Stop Going into Credit Card Debt for the Sake of “Points”

First you have to have this revelation: Spending money now to save money later does not make sense. It’s illogical. Points systems make you think that spending extra on your credit card, right now, is a responsible thing to do. It isn’t. It took me six years to figure out why.