‘The Road To Character Is Often Paved With Family Money’

“The Department of Education makes it hard for you, and ugly. But it is possible to survive the life of default.”

Simulating Wealth and Poverty in Junior High

In sixth grade, my math teacher assigned us a project: We were supposed to pick a job, find out how much it paid per hour, and then calculate how many hours of work it would take to buy a few fantasy items. The teacher told us to ignore little details like taxes and living expenses. At the end, we made posters with pictures of the things we fake-bought.

Teaching Macroeconomics Via Planet Money Episodes

I listen to the Planet Money podcast every week, and am a big fan of the show. William Luther, an assistant professor of economics at Kenyon College, is too, and has used the show in his classes to teach principles of macroeconomics and has argued that it has increased understanding and engagement among his students.

Higher Education Experiments

Billionaire tech entrepreneur Peter Thiel announced a few years ago that he would start his own high education social experiment—over the last two years, Thiel has given a $100,000 fellowship to 44 young people to skip or drop out of college and work with mentors to flesh out ideas they have to change the world.