Link Roundup! Fee-less Banks; Bankable Stars; When Success Isn’t a Straight Line

Success is not a straight line; success is a sine curve, even for the Internet famous. That can be really, really hard to remember, and harder still to admit.

A New Tip for Avoiding Jail in Our Brave New World

This Nation article by Peter Ludlow about journalist Barrett Brown, currently in prison for copying and pasting a link, essentially, is one of the best things I’ve read about privacy and journalism and contracted spying and all that. The events areĀ complex and what’s happened is a mess, but basically Brown was looking into some documents released by some hackers and he shared the documents with other journalists and then then he got in major trouble and is now in jail. And his mom might go to jail too!

Depression is Still a Thing in Springtime

Heather Armstrong has written extensively about her own depression on her blog Dooce, and on a recent post asked her readers to share their stories about mental illness. There are 219 comments. All of them are thoughtful. Not the most uplifting read of your life, but a good thing to read if you’re hating yourself and wondering why. There’s a reason, it’s chemical, a lot of us have it, there are ways to feel better. (Sometimes a new dress, more effectively, a therapist.) More here, from us.

Anthony Must Have Wondered the Same Thing

Strangers’ Search for Meaning

Guns and Scant Mental Healthcare, But Also a Culture of Violence