So You’re Ready To Buy Some Grown-Up Furniture

STEP 1: DON’T PANIC. Breathe in. Remind yourself that grown-up furniture often costs grown-up sums of money, and that’s okay. Breathe out.

Save More Money By Accepting That Life Is Cyclical; Meaningless

Turns out when it comes to saving, it’s better not to think of your life in terms of any sort of trajectory, per se, particularly an upwardly mobile one. Better to think of life in terms of the eternal, Sisyphean present. Assume things will never improve. This is your life.

The Cost of Building a Micro-Housing Village for the (Formerly) Homeless

Quixote Village is a community of formerly homeless adults in Olympia, Washington, who until recently lived in a self-governed tent city that rotated between church parking lots. Now these 29 adults live in 29 separate 144-square-foot tiny houses, arranged in a horseshoe shape. Each house has room for a bed, a desk, and a tiny bathroom with a sink and a toilet. There is a shared garden and a community center with showers and a kitchen shared by all the residents. If residents have income, they’re asked to pay 30% of that income towards monthly rent. Otherwise, living there is free.

Our Couches, Ourselves

Couch talk.