Move To Indianapolis, Ask For Raises In Dec, & More Ways To Make $$$ At Work

Lead with the dollar figure, followed by your explanation for why you deserve it, and not the other way around.

My 1st Job: Magazines in the ’60s

It was a dream of mine back then to make $10,000 a year, something I did not achieve until after I married; my husband, also in publishing, had just hit $12,000 a year then: 1970.

Unconventional Job Interviews

Unlike a lot of recent college grads who are job hunting right now, and sending out resumes and cover letters to what seems like an abyss, I was a fortunate young college graduate who was asked to go in and interview for many of the jobs I applied to. Coming out of college, I did not get most of the jobs I interviewed for, but I learned a lot about what employers look for during the interview process, and the main thing I learned was that everyone expects different things, so you have to be prepared for anything.