I Tried to Choose Money Over Art, But Art Came Back

During the final semester of graduate school, I announced a new career plan. I wanted a job that paid $50,000 a year.

“If You’re Going To Splurge, Buy Art”

Filmmaker John Waters is charming in this Business Insider video, giving financial advice to millennials.

What Do You Do If Someone Sells Your Instagram Selfie For $90K?

ArtNews calls Prince sexist, which feels apt to me: he’s taking self-portraits by young women and imposing his own subjectivity over theirs, turning them into commodities as well as objects at which he — and his other rich male art friends — can leer.

Art Just Hasn’t Been The Same Since We All Left Our Garrets

I want to say so much about how making art has always required other people, has nearly always required some kind of cash or support system, is so very rarely ever Solitary Genius in Terrible Attic with Rats and God.