Financial Advice Strong Enough For A Man But PH Balanced For A Woman

Two new firms aren’t approaching women as dizzy socialites who don’t know how to balance their checkbooks, but rather as consumers whose specific needs are not yet being met.

Are Men & Women Different When It Comes to Work? Let’s Go To The Videotape

A list of the best movies about women in the workplace.

Women MIA As Donors To Political Campaigns (Except Hillary’s)

If women want politicians to care about us, we have it make it worth their while.

Worldwide Gender Gap More Like A Yawning Abyss

The Guardian reports that tackling gender inequality in the developing world would generate an immense amount of wealth — $12 trillion, in fact.

You’ve Come A Long Way, Baby, At Least Until You Turn 30

Some good news on the pay equity front: ladies now command higher salaries than dudes, on average, at least in their twenties and at least in jolly old England.

What We’ve Learned From This Year’s Blockbusters

The summer movie season is ALMOST OVER everybody so if there’s a movie you want to support, or a studio for that matter, you gotta get on that. Pundits are already scrolling through the totals and drawing conclusions.

The Effects Of A Working Mom On Her Children, According To Science

Maybe it sounds familiar because it seems self-evident.

Toxic Shock Syndrome: Available Wherever Tampons Are Sold

Lauren Wasser, a young model and basketball player, lost a leg to the ramifications of TSS, and her enraged mother is now throwing lawsuits in all directions.

Illustrated Guides to Succeeding in Business

When Women Stop Hating Their Bodies, The Office Picks Up The Slack

What a great time to be a woman in the workforce! You’re free to rise as high as you can, as long as you’re also cool with taking on additional feminine responsibilities pro bono — such as mentoring younger women, taking notes, and “bringing cupcakes” (??) — and also taking the terrible jobs no one else wants because you’re fat.