Should You Treat Job Interviews Like Hostage Negotiations?

These tactics are about flipping the balance of power between you and your interviewer, but they only work if there is an actual balance of power to be flipped.

How to Ask for Money

Everyone resents being used; donors want to be seen as people, not purses, and good petitioners will treat them that way. Good petitioners will likewise make sure they are seen as people and not merely black holes of need.

Money Talks: An Advice Column for Women in the Workplace

Dear Money Talks,

I work in a small department of a large university. I started there as a graduate assistant, and over three years I have worked my way up to a full-time staff member in a position I essentially created for myself. I really like the job and my coworkers, I get great benefits, and I am not eager to leave this workplace except for, of course, the salary.

Susan Miller on Salary Negotiations

I Found Out My Male Colleague Made More Than Me

I’ve been temping at Company X, a large company in Chicago, since the beginning of last August. I started temping here because I’d heard it was a good way to get hired on full time, and I liked the company. While I was here, my boss fought to get me hired, but she was turned down. I decided to change careers and go back to grad school.


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Let’s Talk About: Performance Reviews