When Down Payments Grow On Family Trees

If young adults held out until we ourselves could afford down payments as well as closing costs, fees, and mortgage payments, far fewer of us would buy property. But let’s not pretend the system is fair.

Living Paycheck to Paycheck and Figuring Things Out

Laura, 28, works at an entertainment company in the booking division in a job she describes as “essentially an administrative assistant.” She is paid by the hour and earns roughly $30,500 a year before taxes.

What the Kids Are Paying for Prom

Actually, a lot of girls I knew scouted out prom dresses at the mall, and then went home and made the dresses themselves with some help from the artsy kids who knew how to sew. And I didn’t go to a high school in a small town in the Midwest—I went to high school in the O.C. (yes, that O.C.).