Mass Transit is Amazing For Everyone (Else)

You can’t really feel smug about taking public transpo when you live in New York, where driving to work would be a special kind of hell. But if you live in a city where it’s possible to park and drive and blare the radio and not be surrounded on all sides of your body by terrible terrible people on your way to things, and you still take public transportation: you get to feel smug.

Town in Finland Incentivizes The Creation of Future Taxpayers

There is a baby boom in the tiny town of Lestijärvi, Finland (population 850) and with “Turns Out Paying People Thousands of Dollars to Have a Baby Works Pretty Well” Feargus O’Sullivan is on it.

Maybe We’ll Soon Have Our Very First Cat Cafe

Back in the fall of 2012, Maggie Hamilton wrote a piece for us about how she felt like she was stuck in a career rut, and that perhaps her dream career would be running some kind of bakery where there were a bunch of cats around to hang out with. Cat cafes are huge in Japan and in some European cities, but food service regulations in the U.S. have made it impossible to have animals around where people consume food. Our American dreams of the cat cafe are constantly being dashed.

So What Mid-sized City Are We All Moving To?

Nona Willis Aronowitz’s excellent Atlantic Cities series, “Where Millenials Can Make It Now,” wraps up today, which means it’s time for us to review the candidates and choose a new place to live.

Places Where Living Like a Person Is Still Possible

Writer, editor, and millenial Nona Willis Aronowitz spent six weeks traveling the country in search of the next crop of livable cities for twentysomethings, places where you can do dreamy things like go to a record store, start a business, get a job, find a date, make art, start a family, and maybe even contribute to your 401k.

Where the Middle Class Can’t Afford a House

Atlantic Cities looks at the metro areas in the U.S. where homes are least affordable for middle class families (or families earning the median income in the area)—San Francisco being the worst, according to an analysis by real estate site Trulia. New York, of course, also makes it near the top of the list, but New York is a city of renters (and I imagine San Francisco is one too). Where is the housing stock most affordable for median earners? Cities in Ohio, Indiana, and Michigan make the list, which you can see in full below.

Not Good Ideas, But Ideas

A Whisk for Everyone