Maybe We Can’t Say No After All, If We’re In The Early Part of Our Careers

Would we say no if we felt confident that there would be an abundance of opportunities ahead of us, if life was more about choosing what you wanted instead of clinging to what you are most afraid to lose?

The Service Element of Creative Work

Writer, artist, and person-I-keep-posting-about Austin Kleon talks to Tina Essmaker at the Great Discontent about his winding career path, taking calculated risks, and why he doesn’t subscribe to Do What You Love. Woo! I liked this a lot:

How Will You Talk About Your Career When You’re Dead?

Okay that’s a trick question: you won’t talk about it because you’ll be dead. But what about right before you’re dead, say? Or if you are someone like Walter George Bruhl, Jr., who, as Ann Friedman put it on Twitter this morning, makes a great case for writing your own obituary:

On Leaving Your Day Job

Fantasizing about having your Jerry Maguire moment? My internet friend Austin Kleon would be the first to tell you to keep your day job. Then again, he quit his own day job a couple years ago to focus on promoting his new book, then write another one. He wrote about the reality of his situation on his blog yesterday, and I appreciated it so much.

Austin Kleon on Keeping Your Day Job

Writer and internet person Austin Kleon holds regular office hours over on his blog, and today someone wrote in to ask him for advice about balancing paying the bills and doing creative work.