On Living The Dream, And Living To Regret It (Sort Of)

I longed to trade my two hour commute for a fifteen minute bike ride. I imagined the adobe cabin we could live in, surrounded by desert emptiness.

The Rental History Of An Academic Nomad

This fall marked the first time since 1999 that I’ve lived in the same dwelling for more than a year. That’s ridiculous, but it’s not because I have some unquenchable wanderlust. I’m just an academic, and we go where we’re told (or accepted).

Places I’ve Lived: Craigslist Roommates, an Escape to Austin, and Moving in With the Boyfriend

Where have you lived, Ana Ottman?

Start Your Business: A Q+A with The School of Feedback Guitar’s Dave Wirth

How Dave Wirth started The School of Feedback Guitar, and began offering guitar lessons.

Austin, On Less Than $20 a Day

A man goes to SXSW and tries to spend less than $20 a day.

Things to Eat in Austin For $5 Max

Cheap eats in ATX.