Where Did This Credit Score Come From?

Help, Billfold, I’m very confused. I just checked my credit score for the first time expecting, I don’t know, any empty dusty corner where a credit score might be (I just graduated college in the spring and had no credit card of my own or other means of credit-building). But I worked up the nerve to look as I will need it to find a new place to live and I mysteriously HAVE A CREDIT SCORE. It is in a range that Google tells me is actually a good credit score, which is where I started to get suspicious. Well, as it turns out, there is a note on the report that I have a certain amount of debt that I do not have, as well as a much larger line of credit that I have (well, would have, because I don’t have a line of credit right now). I’m guessing this is because for the semester I studied abroad, I got a credit card with my name but attached to my parents’ account. Otherwise I have no plausible explanation. How do I fix this? Do I fix this? Please help, I’m baffled. — K.