On Trying To Give Up Candy For My Kids

I love treats. A brownie and Diet Coke are my ideal breakfast, though a chocolate glazed old fashioned donut works too.

Adoption Fees, Court Costs, Taxes: The Hidden Costs of Same-Sex Parenthood

“The most exciting thing about having DOMA struck down is that our taxes went down by half.”

Forgiving Is Not Forgetting: On Letting Go Of Debts

“As mothers we would never want *our* value to be trivialized to a dollar amount.”

Fond Memories Of Take Your Kid To Work Day

I never got to do an actual work day with my dad but I would have loved it if he let me, simply for the glimpse into the shadow world of what adults do for so many hours away from home.

Girl Scouts Sell Cookies Outside Medical Marijuana Dispensaries, Make Bank

Lei’s mother, Carol Lei, supervises the selling process, and told the East Bay Express that she thinks of this as not only a way to rack up cookie sales, but also as a way to teach her children about medical marijuana users.