The Anxiety of Returning Things

“You can do this,” I whispered under my breathe. “You can return these gloves.”

A Windfall

Another Life

In another life, I might have been a chef. I would have skipped paying thousands of dollars to go to culinary school, and instead started as a bus person, and then a prep cook, a line cook, a sous.

Thoughts While Considering Buying a Bag of Dried Cranberries

Oh look a bag of dried cranberries.

Some Costs Associated With a Relationship

The cost of a relationship, starting with two coffees.

Saying No Is Half the Battle

I would have no money at the end of the month to pay my bills if I said yes to everything I’m invited to do. Saying no half of the time and deciding what is or isn’t worth doing helps keep my spending in check. Here, I provide three examples.

The Apartment Hunt

Hi Ben — I saw this ad you posted for a 1-bedroom: (link to ad). When is the move-in date?

To Budget or Not to Budget for a $500 Dinner

Bob! My sister is running the New York Marathon in November so my family is flying in to cheer her on. Make sure you’re free that weekend!

Two Weeks Notice

All I had to do was quit my job and move on. But for whatever neurotic reason I had, the thought of asking for a meeting with my boss to tell him that I was leaving terrified me.